Joshua Scott Emmons (skia) wrote in cocoadev,
Joshua Scott Emmons


Soooo... Not a huge amount of action here. Is there another Cocoa community on LJ that gets more action, or is there just not a large number of ObjC fans around here?
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macosxdev isn't really Cocoa specific, but it really doesn't have enough traffic in general that people need a separate community, IMHO.
not sure
Try cocoa_sux
Thats a Cocoa Beach Community, what he's looking for is a Cocoa Developers Community, as in one of the languages used to develop for Os X. =D

Good effort though!
Actually, cocoa_sux is a COCOA community.

I'm kinda lost, but by what he sounded like he was just looking for another cocoa community in general. Sorry.
[[LiveJournal communities:"CocoaDev"] addUser:"ichae"];
I guess that really should be:

[[LiveJournal communities:@"CocoaDev"] addUser:@"ichae"]

Not that anybody seems to have noticed...
*stares at ceiling*